Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use, and protect personal information collected through our website.

1. Personal Information Collected

We collect the following personal information from users: name and email address

2. Method of Collection

Personal information is collected through website forms. These forms include: newsletter subscription form and booking a call form.

3. Purpose of Collection

The personal information collected, including name and email address, is used for the following purposes:

A) Newsletter Subscription

Users who subscribe to our newsletter voluntarily provide their name and email address. This information is used to send newsletters containing updates, promotions, and other relevant content related to our services or products.

B) Booking Calls

Users who book a call voluntarily provide their name and email address. This information is used to schedule and communicate about the requested call, including confirmation, reminders, and follow-up correspondence related to the call.

4. Storage and Security

Personal information collected is stored in a password-protected environment to ensure security and prevent unauthorized access.

5. Sharing with Third Parties

We do not share the personal information collected with any third parties.

6. Use of Cookies

We do not use cookies or similar technologies on our website.

7. Access and Removal of Information

Users can request access to their personal information or request removal of their information by contacting us via email at

8. User Rights

Under UK data protection laws, users have rights regarding their personal information. We are committed to upholding these rights, including the right to access and the right to erasure.

9. Compliance

We comply with UK data protection laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), in handling personal information.

10. Data Breaches

In the event of a data breach, we have procedures in place to address the breach and notify affected users as required by applicable laws.

11. Data Transfers

As data transfers outside the UK are not applicable in our case, we do not transfer personal information outside the UK.

12. Policy Updates

We regularly review and update our privacy policy to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Users will be notified of any changes to the privacy policy.