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Building essential skills

The first challenge is to establish a robust foundation in critical soft, meta, and technical skills. Bridging this foundational gap is crucial for equipping emerging talent with the versatility needed for today's workplace.

Applying skills for impact

The next step is to help emerging talent effectively apply their skills. By grounding their learning in real world challenges and opportunities, we ensure it translates into tangible outcomes and innovation.

Fostering lifelong learning

The final stage is to create a culture of continuous learning and adaptability. Encouraging a proactive approach to personal and professional growth is key to ensuring emerging talent stays relevant and resilient in an ever-changing job market.

"Our mission centres on more than skill development for today — it's about instilling an adventurous mindset towards uncertainty and disruption, enabling every individual to navigate and flourish through tomorrow's inevitable changes."
Henry Langdon
Udamon Founder

"The problem Udamon solved for us was how to distil a complex project down into something that volunteer citizen scientists found engaging, effective, and enjoyable to complete remotely. The rare and precious mix of clarity, process, and creativity that Udamon has brought to the table throughout the collaboration has been particularly valuable.”

Dom Ferris
Founder & CEO
Package: Trailblazer

“The key problem Udamon’s offer helped us solve was how to structure a new form of learning model, one that was very different from our traditional offer. The most valuable aspect of our collaboration was the strategic insight and development of the modules, all with clear learning design principles applied.”

Shantha Shanmugalingam
Experiential Learning Lead, Group GTI
Package: Trailblazer

“Shortly after the programme started I was moved into more of a leadership role, which is totally new to me, and I don’t think I’d have adapted as well as I have without this.”

Emerging Talent

"Exactly the kind of guidance, training and support we want to give everyone but are too stretched to do ourselves."

Richard Lloyd
Director, Gotoco
Package: Explorer

"This is a real bonus to our programme. The learning is well-structured with measurable outcomes. I'd like to do it myself to be honest!" 

Lucy Sparks
HR Business Partner, Ares
Package: Starter

"A very informative experience that allowed me to put the skills learnt directly into practice. More importantly, it helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, whilst providing several tangible mechanisms to improve and grow."

Emerging Talent

"Udamon's specialism in early careers together with their skills in creating engaging videos and e-learning content allowed us to build a unique offering for our students. Creative, flexible, efficient, and excellent at meeting demanding deadlines, I highly recommend working with Udamon. We have completed multiple projects with them and the work is always of an excellent quality with excellent feedback from students."

Cherise Basslian
Director of Careers and Student Enterprise, University of East London
Package: Trailblazer

“Very helpful...It's enabled me to think about my strengths and areas for development. For instance, I now have a greater understanding of what 'adaptability' is, where I can see it in others, and what questions to focus on to improve it... and I have a lot of S.M.A.R.T goals that I can start working on now."

Emerging Talent

“Udamon brings a wealth of content and learning experience to the design process. Hugely collaborative and sets high quality standards on all outputs. Our collaborations together will continue!”

Jack Martin
Chief Product Officer, Targetjobs
Package: Trailblazer

"I found my time with Udamon to be very helpful, particularly when reflecting on strengths, weaknesses, goals and creating defined targets."

Emerging Talent

“It’s revealed a lot of important characteristics and skills I could work on to better myself to make me an asset to any company.”

Emerging Talent

“I found it very useful and insightful, both from a personal development standpoint and as a concrete break from "normal" work every fortnight. Adaptability and its importance were my key highlights. For instance: ‘How can I work to undo my tunnel vision and approach problems from different perspectives?"

Emerging Talent
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