Upskilling early career talent in essential soft and meta skills


Early career talent seeks to acquire a broad range of essential soft and meta skills to succeed in their roles leading volunteering projects remotely across Europe, Asia, and Latin America.


The transition from academic learning to applying skills in real-world professional contexts presents a significant gap, particularly in developing the critical remote-working and project management skills required of Gotoco’s teams.


6 week hybrid learning programme that enabled Gotoco’s early career talent to own their development across the meta-skills needed to thrive in their roles: creative problem-solving, self-management, adaptability, leadership, and communication.


more dedicated to owning professional development


heightened awareness of strengths and areas for development


increased drive and motivation

"Exactly the kind of guidance, training and support we want to give everyone but are too stretched to do ourselves."
Richard Lloyd
Director, Gotoco
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“It’s revealed a lot of important characteristics and skills I could work on to better myself to make me an asset to any company.”
Emerging Talent
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