Accelerating soft and meta skills development for diverse early finance talent


Supporting an ED&I focussed summer internship programme for Ares Management, a global leader in alternative investment.


Delivering engaging learning experiences that ensure emerging talent hits the ground running in key soft and meta skills, such as adaptability and creative problem solving.


A six week hybrid learning programme that enabled learners to own their development across the meta-skills needed to thrive in the investment management industry: creative problem-solving, self-management, entrepreneurship, adaptability, communication, and leadership.


increased drive and motivation


heightened awareness of strengths and areas for development


more dedicated to owning professional development

"This is a real bonus to our programme. The learning is well-structured with measurable outcomes. I'd like to do it myself to be honest!"
Lucy Sparks
HR Business Partner, Ares
“A very informative experience that allowed me to put the skills learnt directly into practice. More importantly, it helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses, whilst providing several tangible mechanisms to improve and grow.”
Emerging Talent
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