Pre-skilling emerging talent for top employers through short job simulations


Real Tasks & role model stories unveil career paths for emerging talent, while connecting employers with an informed and pre-skilled future talent pool.


Emerging talent often struggle with understanding the realities of different job roles and gaining relevant skills before entering the workforce. Employers face challenges in finding and recruiting talent who are both well-informed about their roles and possess the necessary skills.


Through 20 minute simulations of workplace challenges and insights from current professionals, ‘GradSims’ prepares emerging talent with both necessary skills and realistic job insights. This creates a well-informed and pre-skilled talent pool for employers, streamlining the recruitment process and ensuring a better match between candidates and job roles.


'GradSims' created for leading UK and Ireland employers, including PwC, Lidl, and Stephenson Harwood.

“The key problem Udamon’s offer helped us solve was how to structure a new form of learning model, one that was very different from our traditional offer. The most valuable aspect of our collaboration was the strategic insight and development of the modules, all with clear learning design principles applied.”
Shantha Shanmugalingam
Experiential Learning Lead, Group GTI
"Exploring careers through GradSims is really useful. The immersive simulations offer super practical insights, allowing you to experience the day-to-day tasks of various roles first hand at your own pace. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to gain an accessible and realistic understanding of what different job roles entail."
James Goforth
Emerging Talent
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